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Why people move to America ?

Many people see America as the land of opportunity , the land of milk and honey the promised land, Whether this is true or not, It becomes a matter of personal experience, For many the move to America may be the best thing they ever did and these are the people who become successful in their endeavors, For other people the move to America may become a nightmare, and this will depend under what conditions these people moved to this country, The issue is that for illegal immigrants, it will be much difficult to find better employment, which may end up slowing down their dreams and shortening their quality of life and opportunities , Therefore to be able to have certain advantage, immigrating legally is number of option when moving to America.

People come to America is search of better employment opportunities and more money , Many have a dream and want a fertile grown to plant the seed of that dream , they may have tried in their country and it did not work as expected so they decide to try in America, Other people move to America to leave poverty behind , while other seek better medical treatments, Other immigrants search for a specific job or trade that they feel will be more successful in the American market.

For many people , moving here represents a better way of life and more freedom of expression , For others what attracts them are the many other cultures that are melted together in the big cities , such as New York city, Other immigrants just come to America on vacation , and they like it and decide to move permanently and many become citizens , On other occasions some people move to America looking for political asylum and protection, Other want to live in a democratic country.

Another Reason is the cost of living , in many European countries the cost of living is much higher than in the USA , so if they have similar political liberties they decide to move to America, Other visit and see those liberties in amazement and decide they wan to enjoy that type of freedom . Other foreigners may have relatives in the country and decide to come to America as well.

On issue that is of curiosity is the one of people who move to America , but they really did not want to move here. This happen when these people work for big corporations and have important positions and big salaries, Many times, they have to move to America or to other country in order to keep their salary and benefits  that support their current lifestyle. These people are transplanted to America for many or just few years , until the company decides where they want to them next.

Whatever, the reason people move to America, it represents a fresh start under on of the best political systems in the World that makes in much easier for immigrants to start a new life and make their dreams come true, After all America was formed and made by immigrants of man backgrounds English - French - Spanish , African , and many other cultures, The important issue is to come legal to the country and become a productive individual in search of your dreams. For more details    Click here 

Steps to take as a foreigner before you can get a Job in the USA


Many people who live in other countries want to work in the United States for many reason. One reason is to earn more money and have better employment opportunities. Another reason is to know more about the country and the cultural variations. One more reason is to learn to city to more permanently on day and become a citizen . However before considering this life change, there are a few things foreigners can do to better their chance in the USA.

One issue is the language skill. Ahead of time , polish your English so you can communicate better and compete with other applicants that mange the language or have better communication skills, Another important issue is to have all your documents ready, depending on what country you are coming from green card visa contract the embassy for more information.

Have clear in your mind what type of job or career you want to pursue , If you want to be a restaurant manger, but do not have mush experience in the USA market, then you may have to start in a lower position , and work your way up , So map out a plan that you can follow once you get to the USA. Depending on the type of job you are trying to get learn and study the customs of the area, and local points of interest, Learn how to navigate through the area and the most popular places, Today if you can have access to the internet , this is easier than ever as there is a lot of information available.

Polish your interview skills, You may be interviewed by phone or in person , even over long distance, so you want to the best impression possible since the interviewer may only have your voice, communications skills, and background work as a reference and cannot see you unless you are interviewing though a computer or smart phone.

Research salary offerings for the positions you are applying for so you know how much it pays, when it is time to negotiate your salary and compensation, Depending on the area you will live and work salaries vary paying much less in rural areas than in the city.

Secure to place to live, and calculate what your living expenses will be, Be realistic about this number as it many surprise you , many Americans are struggling to keep a roof over their heads, so don't let that factor discourage you or opaque your dreams and goals focus on your future and plug in into the working system ,If you assimilate into the culture, it will become much easier for you.

In addition consider sponsorship, and be open with your future employer from the beginning. If she/he sees a lot of drive, determination and honesty in you this will work to your advantage and  you may be getting the job after all, despite other applicants, The most important thing is that you can show how much you can offer the company and the skills that you have , In addition to that learn as much as you can about the company you want to work for and its history , This always works in your favor , as many times applicants forget about this important step. For more information on this topic    Click Here

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Are Illegal Immigrants Really Taking Jobs Away from American Worker's ?

When the supreme court voted to uphold the " Legal Arizona Workers Act " ( LAWA ) on May 25, the avility for states to revoke business license for firms hiring illegal immigrants was protected. (LAWA is distinct from Arizona SB 1070, which empowered law enforcement officers in Arizona to engage in racial profiling.)

Reaction to the decision among likely voters was strongly in favor: A Rasmussen poll conducted on May 27 and 28 found that 61 percent of Americans support a law in their state that would shut down companies that knowingly and repeatedly hire illegal immigrants.

An activists who advocate for restrictive immigration policies welcomed the ruling. There a downward effect on wages Says Jessica Vaughn, the director of policy studies for the D.C based Center for Immigration studies , referring to the introduction of undocumented workers in the market. There is so many occupations where wages have just been stagnant for many years, or even  declined like in construction building trades industry and custodial work. Of course its not just one thing , You can't control competition from china,But immigration policy is something that we can control as a nation.

Support for the penalization of companies hiring illegal workers can be chalked up to a variety of motivations, But the view that it protects American jobs has been embraced by many , including  politicians like Rep, Lamar Smith R Texas, the Chair of the House Judiciary Committee and a member of the Reclaim American Jobs Caucus. Not only is this law constitutional, it is common sense, American Jobs should be preserved for Americans and legal workers, he said of the high court 5-3 ruling. Today , there are 7 Million individuals working in the United States illegally. E-verify will help turn off the jobs magnet that encourages illegal immigration.

The debate over whether there is any correlation between immigration policy and the fortunes of American workers is in fact an open one. And according to Pia  Orrenius the senior economist for the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas , the major question among most economists is actually why the impact of the nations 12 million illegal immigrants on the labor market is so small.

Given that the topic of the economic impact of immigration is so politically charged, scores of  studies have been ordered on the Subject, They widely - shared consensus holds that for every 10 percent increase in the share of foreign born workers in a specific area there less than 1 percent change in the average wages of legal residents, including for low skilled workers, says Orrenius . (Wages are used as the economic metric for employment in the U.S )

Two leading paper's that present the view of a minimal negative economic impact are immigration and national Wages: Clarifying the Theory and Empirics, published in 2008 by academics Gianmarco Ottoviano and  Giovanni Peri, and the landmark, The new Americans, Economic , Demographic, and Fiscal effects of immigration , published in 1997 by James P . smith and Barry Edmontson, working under the aegis of the 1990 immigration Act.

These econmists caution against extrapolating from anecdotes of immigrants coming to a specific town and taking jobs, smith and Edmontson do concede , though that the losers may be the less skilled domestic workers who compete with immigrants and whose wages will faill. But they go on to say, To the extent that immigrants specialize in activities that otherwise would note have existed domestically, immigration can be be beneficial for all domestic residents. In this case, there is little substitution of new immigrant workers for domestic workers.

The argument that an infusion of foreign workers represents a new and non-competing, workforce, and therefore poses little threat to the American worker, is buttressed by other economic analysis. Among them is the related concept that as immigrants , carry out jobs that native wouldn't want or even wouldn't exist if it weren't done by a foreigner , the native born American is freed up to specialize . And that complementary model improves overall efficiency, Finally the so called immigrantion surplus, Holds that the US economy must benefit from a net gain in goods and services because wages earned by immigrants tend to be lower than the cost equivalent of what they produce.

Bahrain : Visa and passport requirements

To enter Bahrain, a passport valid for at least six months from date of arrival is required by all nationals referred to in the chart above.

A visa is required by all nationals referred to in the chart above wishing to enter Bahrain,execpt transit passengers continuing their journey by the first connecting flight providing they hold confirmed ticket and appropriate travel documents, and remain within the transit area.

The stay period is three months and it is issued on arrival in bahrain.

Note: Nationals not referred to in the chart above are advised to contact the embassy to check visa requirements.

Visa note:
Of the nationals referred to in the chart those from, Austria , Australia, Belgium , Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany , Greece, Ireland, Italy , Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the UK and the USA can obtain a two week visa from access points inside Bahrain without pre-arrangements.

It is recommended that an eVisa is bough from ( ) and costs around US $19.
This visa can be extended for another two weeks with a sponsor from around 25 pound for a week.

Types and Cost:
Two - weeks single entry (20) pound is available to nationals from Australia , Canada , UK , USA and most EU countries, Nationals from the UK can stay for to to three months. An eVisa costs approximately $19 through

Five-year multiple entry visa (40) pound is available to nationals from Canada, the USA and the UK formula 1 visas are free with a ticket of entry to the races.

Application to:
Consulate ( or consular section at embassy )

Working Days:
Can vary depending on nationality.

For more details on Bahrain e-visas    Click here

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Visa Requirements to Work in Kuwait

All member of the GCC are entitled to work in kuwait automatically without having to go though any formalities. If you have been a resident of Kuwait for twenty years or more you can sponsor yourself if you can prove you are financially able to do so. Otherwise there are then thirty four other countries that are also entitled to entry Visas when they arrive.

These Countries are the following : Andorra, Australia, Austria , Belgium , Brunei, Canada, China, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Iceland, Italy, Ireland, Japan, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, Malaysia, Monaco, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal , san Marino , Sweden ,Switzerland, The Netherlands, Spain, The Vatican, Singapore, South Korea, UK, And USA.

For the above listed countries the following procedures must be gone through before a Visa for visit can be obtained. Visas and entry permits are normally due to be used within niety days of being issued and are usually for a maximum thirty day stay in Kuwait must have somebody who is willing to sponsor your visit and this person must either be a Kuwaiti person or business or a resident or Kuwait who is related to the visiting person.

If you want to apply for a Visa for a person to visit for Business purposes then will require the following.

You will need to have a visa application form and a security form completed by your sponsor
Your Passport and 1 photocopy
Sponsor's passport and 1 photocopy
Sponsor's civil ID and 1 photocopy
Sponsor's work permit for Private employees
An up to date salary from the sponsor's employer
Documented proof for family member

Also it is normally expected that the sponsor of a relative must be earning more than 450 KD per month if he had a government related job and at least KD 650 per month if he work for a private enterprise . The person  seeking the sponsorship must then go to the Kuwait Embassy and have their passport approved before travelling to Kuwait or else it can be faxed onto Kuwait.

if a visitor out stays their visa then they will be fined KD 10 a day for every day day after their visa has expired. They must pay the fine at the Department of Shuwaikh before they can leave to the country. An extension to a visa can often be obtained but it must be applied the original one is due to expire.

If you want to apply for a visa for person to Visit for Business purposes then you will require the following:

You will need to have a visa application form and a security form completed by your sponsor.

Your Passport and 1 photocopy
Sponsor's passport and 1 photocopy
Sponsor's Civil ID and 1 photocopy
Sponsor's Work permit for private employee
An up to date salary from the sponsor's employer
Documented proof for family member's

In summary the following is the process required before entry to Kuwait when Employment is endorsed.

1- The sponsor will receive a Work permit for the employee and he will then send it to the employee who needs to get it verified by the local Kuwait embassy. They employee also needs to get a medical certificate from a doctor which will be recognized by the Kuwait embassy. If no embassy is available then the sponsor must get the paperwork verified by the Ministry of Interior in Kuwait and forward it onto the employee.

2- If the new employee is currently on a Visit Visa then he will need to go home to obtain he medical certificate or obtain it in Bahrain.

3- Further tests will be carried out at the ports and borders heath division in Shuwaikh and a Medical Examination will be carried to ascertain weather the employee might have any of a number of infectious diseases.

4- Then you need to get your residency certificate and security clearance this will include having your fingerprints taken at a designated fingerprinting department.

5- Next the residence application can be submitted and a residency permit issued.

6- After this you will want to sort out the paperwork for spouses and dependent children if applicable. In summary women can be sponsored indefinitely by a male spouse but male children can only be sponsored until they age of twenty one. All family members will also have to undergo similar clearance procedures. A sponsor must also have a minimum salary of KD 250 per month although there is a list of professions available that waive this rule.

7- Every resident will also require a Civil ID card and this must be obtained within thirty days of receiving your residency permit. It will then be valid for tow years, You will need to apply for this from the Public Authority for Civil information office and they can give you details of all the documentation you will require. they processing will take approximately then days.

The regulations are subject to change and it is recommended to check for latest updates from your local Visa section of the Kuwait Embassy in the country where you currently reside.

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How to get a job in Canada ?

Canada: Welcome new migrants with valuable skills and qualifications, however searching for employment will be a challenge , It is important to be realistic and understand that you may not be able to find your dream job straight away.

Dos and Don'ts

 It is never easy searching for a job from overseas. Here is a summary of the do's and don't for overseas jobseekers in the Canadian employment market place.


  • Do visit the various Canadian job website Before deciding to emigrate to familiarize yourself with the job opportunities in your field.
  • Do apply for your permanent residence visas.Very important , prospective employers will ask about your immigration status and having your residence visas, or at least being in application process is a prerequisite for most Canadian job vacancies.
  • Do start applying for advertised job vacancies from overseas, But only 1 to 12 weeks before a possible start date or a visit to Canada.
  • Do send a "Cold" letter of application and CV to every potential employer and recruitment agent in the region of Canada you intend settling in to let them know that you are available. Use to locate details.
  • Do prepare your CV in the Canadian style and write a short but clear covering letter confirming that you have been granted permanent residence visas or that you have been assessed a eligible and are in the visa application process.
  • Do provide a Canadian postal address and Canadian mobile/email address in your CV where possible.
  • Do visit Canada or arrive permanently Once your visa have been approved to attend job interviews, as very few employers will engage candidates on a sight unseen bassis.
  • Do make a positive impression in the interview be flexible and  have copies of your residence visas and references available for employers to sight.

  • Don't apply for job vacancies or Visit Canada Job interviews more than 1-12 weeks away from a possible start date , Employers will not be interested.
  • Don't expect everything to work like home, Be flexible and willing to fit in with local ways of doing things.
  • Don't expect a job at the same level or higher than you had overseas. You may lack Canadian local knowledge and may need to take a step back in order to advance later , Wait one year.
  • Don't expect the same salary or more than you had overseas. They cost of living and income tax rates are lower in Canada than many other western developed nations, so look at your NET INCOME not the gross amount.
  • Don't expect a job offer in the first week, On average it can take native Canadian 1-8 weeks to find a new job.
  • Don't "Over negotiate" the contract with your first employer be flexible and understand that employment law and contract terms way be different in Canada.

Why people like to move Canada ?

19 Reasons to Move to Canada

9 reasons to move to Canada... Plus 10 more for good measure!

1- Canada is a peaceful nation with no enemies , good international relationships ( Including with Cuba ) and is that minuscule risk for a terror attack.

2- Canada has no abortion laws whatsoever, abortion is legal, without restriction , But the rate of abortions in country is relatively low.

3- Canada in many provinces, recognizes and fully accepts gay marriage as a legal institution even for immigration purposes.

4- Canada has socialized medicine that Canadians report satisfaction with. No Canadian goes without health care.

5- Canada has no death penalty

6- Canada has tough gun control laws and it just so happens, a murder rate about three times lower than that in U.S

7- Canada has a general maternity leave of one year off for mothers at 80 percent of their salary.

8- Canada has a more balanced education system , where schools in poor areas deliver the same quality of education as those in wealthy locales.

9- A Canadian federal judge has ruled that file sharing is legal in Canada.

Borrowed from Canadian Alternative:

1- Canada has universal public health care.
2- Canada has no troops in Iraq.
3- Canada signed the kyoto protocol environmental treaty.
4- More than half of its provinces allow same-sex marriage.
5- Canada Senate recommends legalizing marijuana.
6- Canada has no law restricting abortion.
7- Canada has strict gun laws and relatively little violence.
8- The United Nation has ranked Canada the best country to live for eight consecutive years.
9- Canada abolished the death penalty in 1976.
10.Canada has not run a federal deficit since 1996-97